Targeting of Nucleic Acids

Group members
Group members
Group members
Maria Duca
Maria Duca

Dr. Maria Duca

CNRS Research Scientist

Director of TNA research group

Audrey Di Giorgio
Audrey Di Giorgio

Dr. Audrey Di Giorgio

Assistant Professor - Université Côte d'Azur

Nadia Patino
Nadia Patino

Pr. Nadia Patino

Full Professor - Université Côte d'Azur

Stéphane Azoulay
Stéphane Azoulay

Dr. Stéphane Azoulay

Full Professor - Université Côte d'Azur

Vice-President for Education at Université Côte d'Azur

Students and Post-docs

Sylvain POULET, PhD (IDEX UCA, 2018-2022)

Mélanie PERNAK, PhD (CIFRE Sanofi, 2019-2022)

Maurinne BONNET, PhD (MENRT, 2019-2022)

Iryna SCHECHELOVA, PhD (COFUND-H2020, 2019-2023)

Sandra KOVACHKA, PhD (COFUND-H2020, 2019-2023)

Marc PANOSETTI, PhD (IIT-UCA, 2020-2023)

Jihed AZZOUZ, PhD (MENRT, 2021-2024)

Eleonora TESINI, PhD (Chiesi Farmaceutici, 2022-2025)

Matthieu JORANDON, M2 (IDEX, 2022)


Dr. Céline MARTIN, PhD (ANR Innovantibio, 2018-2021)

Eleonora TESINI, Master 2 (University of Bologna, 2021)
Now PhD student in our group

Veronika MURONOVA, Master 2 (IDEX UCA, 2021)

Dr. Chloé MAUCORT, PhD (Institut de Recherche Servier, 2017-2020)
Now Project Leader at Novalix

Marc PANOSETTI, Master 2 (ANR, 2020)
now PhD student in TNA group

Alessandro MONTI, Master 2 (University of Bologna, 2020)
now PhD student at the University of Vienna (Austria)

Dr. Benjamin ZAGIEL, Post-doc (INCa, 2019-2020)
now ATER at the Univesity of Lille (France)

Samy AOUAD, Master 2 (IDEX UCA, 2019)

Dr. Klara ARADI, Post-doc (INCa, 2018)

Dr. Anita RAYAR, Post-doc (UCA, 2017-2018)
Now scientist at Laboratoires Servier

Serena DE PICCOLI, Master 2 (UCA, 2018)
now PhD student at ISIS in Strasbourg

Dr. Thi Phuong Anh TRAN, PhD (French Embassy in Vietnam, 2013-2016)
Now teacher at Ho Chi Min University in Vietnam

Dr. Duc Duy VO, Post-doc (ANR, 2012-2014)
Now Principal Investigator at Uppsala University in Sweden

Dr. Jean-Patrick JOLY, PhD (Région PACA, 2011-2014)
Now Research Engineer at Institut de Chimie Radicalaire (ICR) in Marseille

Coralie CHARRAT, Master 2 (ANR, 2012)

Lorena ZARA, Sujet : Master 2 (2011)
now PhD student at the University of Bordeaux

Guillaume MATA, Master 2 (2010)
After a PhD at ETH in Zurich, he is now post-doc at the University of Stanford

Latest News

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Dr. Maria Duca will present the team's works at the French American Chemistry Symposium (FACS XVIII) next June in Charleston (USA)!
Archive of "RSC Medicinal Chemistry".
The last paper of the groupe entitled Development of 2-deoxystreptamine–nucleobase conjugates for the inhibition of oncogenic miRNA production is now published in RSC Medicinal Chemistry (Royal Society of Chemistry)







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